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Our full story. (upated)

How our journey begins..

We started finding out more about pet health back in 2018, when our frenchie came home at 4 months old with mites, yeast infection, constantly having stomach issues, hot spots, food sensitivity reactions, environmental sensitivity and skin rashes.

After many vet visits and switching different premium quality dry food, including the go-to hypoallergenic diet from the vet's office, he didnt become better. We did the typical environment allergy blood test, and all other remedies the vet has recommended, and we even took 1 shot of cytopoint, ended up his condition worsen. He got himself in pool of blood daily from scratching, full body hives and things are pretty out of control. The mom, didn't really sleep for days, she research as much as she could to find out what could be happening to our pup. Ever since, she stop him from his antihistamines, antibiotics, everything that the vet gave, she threw it away, every single medication, medicated shampoo, steroid creams, deworm pills, flea tick medication, all down the rubbish bin!

We came to realise..

The mom realised that these are the things that are actually affecting his immune system. Her heart was filled with guilt and pain. Crying for days on why didn't she make enough researching before even having him home with us, and now our poor baby is suffering with a big bald hole on his head, red armpits and groin, body full of hives, red paws on all his 4 legs, fur loss, scabs, dandruff, spots everywhere, rashes on his belly, our poor baby cant really sleep well and has to be on cone for 24/7 and not able to do any socializing to get his quality of life due to his nursing from all these immune mediated symptoms.

The healing process..

From the researching process, we chanced upon Glacier Peak Holistics Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan (a.k.a food & environment sensitivity test) from the US and we took a leap of faith and did the test. To our shocking, he has alot of red flags in his results! πŸ™ˆπŸ˜– And following the results, with the help from the holistic pet community out there, we decided to explore fresh food diet instead after learning about all the greatness of it.

But unfortunately the sensitive stomach issues arise. Tried to do cold turkey (taking advice from the raw food companies themselves) to raw diet but ended up with pooping blood. Luckily with some other help in the pet community here in Singapore, we managed to get him on cooked diet to stable his poo 1st instead before trying the raw again. The 2nd time of transition was alot better but towards the end, he still ended up with bloody stools. Hence we got him back to cooked again. And the 3rd time, with the help from another vet that is pro-raw, finally managed to transit into a raw diet that suits him successfully. Finally, after 12 months of intensive food transitioning!

Not only just changing of diet, we also incorporated many other natural supplements and natural skin remedies as well. With the right diet, suitable supplements, skin maintenance, our boy's skin issues started to go away and heal.. that is when we knew this is his journey and this is what led us further and deeper onto this journey. It is definitely not a easy job for both the mom and dad, and it is definitely not going to be easy to all that are reading this and facing the same itching crazy skin symptoms. In total we went through 1year+ of craziness. And that period gave ourselves a good learning curve into giving our puppy time patience and lots of care and support and the achievement is totally worth it.

The result..

Our boy is 3yrs+ now, his skin problems has been resolved 80%, unless he comes in contact with something he is sensitive to again especially not during our supervision, he would flare again. But our tool box is always well prepared and we're experienced now to manage such symptoms and usually his symptoms would be resolved within less than a week without any medications. We only resorted to medication when he got into a super bad bacteria/parasites or something that bad that our tool box is not able to resolve.

JJ E-Homez Holistic Pet..

We started going deeper, researching and learn as much as we could about pet health, lifestyles, supplementation, nutrition and many other factors that would impact our pet's quality of life. In fact, we are still learning as of now and we believe we will never stop learning especially when every furkid is very individual on their own, and the lessons that our dear boy gave us is intense and something that money can't achieve.

Well with all the above, this is why we started this holistic pet store, our love for animals made us want to provide alternative solutions to help other pet parents too on their concerns by recommending ethical, safe, natural and premium quality pet products we can trust.

The advocator..

But besides trusting the brands we stock, i would like to share abit about the mom, so that you could have a more deeper understanding about whom you're getting your products with and who you're enquiring your questions to.

The mom (Judy) is a 3.0 proactive pet parent herself and went through extensive trainings with the GPH team and that makes her to be certified to be the consultant of our pet wellness scan together with the GPH product ranges. She indulge herself with knowledge on a daily basis from the holistic pet wellness space and unconditionally sharing it with pet parents who wish to look into the holistic modalities. Her learning journey includes learning from holistic professionals like Dr Karen Becker,  Dr Judy Morgan, Julie Ann Lee, Rita Hogan, Sarah Griffiths, Dr Odette Sutter, Dr Peter dobias, Dr Conor Brady, Dr Margo, Dr Dee Blanco, and many many more holistic professionals out there. She has managed/treated our boy with just holistic modalities for the past 3 years and she not only have experience dealing with issues with our own dog, she also read through lots of comments in the groups in the holistic space and listens and learn from various mentors mainly from the US, Canada and UK discussing about other issues other pet parents face and how to go about dealing it with the best remedies possible in the holistic realm. She already have passed on some of these knowledges into good use in some pet parents who needed those information/remedies. She studies and read books on canine and feline nutrition, wholefood healing for humans, Chinese food therapy for animals, fundamentals in traditional Chinese medicine in both humans and animals, getting familiar with acupressure points and basic chiropractic care knowledges for dogs, all these knowledges has helped her greatly into managing her dog's condition til date. She has also went through lots of holistic pet webinars, completed Canine Energetics with world renown Clinical Canine Herbalist Rita Hogan, she is also currently a understudy on the Clinical pet nutritionist from the "Academy of Natural Health Sciences Training Center". She is always and constantly learning to equipped herself with more knowledges, and she hope to be your holistic pet health advocate whenever she can.

So should you have any questions regarding our products, feel free to reach out and she will answer your questions, help you in any ways she could or even point to you the directions where you can understand better or seek for an alternative professional for help if it is out of her knowledge. But you can definitely expect some crazy holistic management from her for sure.

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Pet parent choice matters..

The decisions we make as pet parents determine how our furkids will live, their health, their longevity, and everything else that would greatly impact the happiness of the pawrents and their beloved furkid. Therefore we believe pet parents deserve to know and there's a need to know in detailed about a product you put in and on your pet.

Ingredients, consumers feedback, questions for product owners, these are our vetting process to make sure products are truly safe, non-toxic and comes with great health benefits. We DO NOT go near products that could be harmful or are misleading pet parents in any ways.

We focus on the quality, well-being, safety and health-improving components of all pet products, Food, Supplements, Leashes, Collars, Harness, or even Food Bowls to give your pets a SAFE, enriching and beneficial eating experience.

Every product recommended in our store aims to support and improve health, emotional and physical wellbeing, thus helping your pet to have better quality of life without compromise.

Look out for loads of information on our product pages, social media and pet parent resources which could help you to make better choices for your pet.

Our ultimate goal and wish..

We wish that more and more pet parents could become their pet's wellness hero & be a proactive leader who takes control of their pet's foundational health from within.

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Thank you for reading,

With love from JJ E-Homez Holistic Pet family.

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