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Our full story.

How our journey begins.
We started finding out more about pet health back in 2018, when our frenchie came home with mites, yeast infection, constantly having stomach issues, hot spots, food sensitivity reactions, environmental allergies and skin rash.

After many vet visits and switching different 'premium' dry food, environment allergy blood test, and all other remedies vet has recommended, we finally took up a food and environment stress scan (a.k.a food & environment sensitivity test) from the US and switched to raw food diet after learning about the greatness of it.

Our dog's skin issues started to go away and we knew this is what we have been searching for and this is what led us further onto this journey.

We started going deeper, researching and learn as much as we could about pet health, lifestyles, supplementation, and many other factors that would impact our pet's life. In fact, we are still learning as of now and we believe we will never stop learning especially when every furkid is very individual on their own.

Our love for animals made us want to provide real and proven solutions to help pet parents on their concerns by recommending ethical, safe, natural and premium quality pet products we can trust.

Pet parent choice matters.

The decisions we make as pet parents determine how our furkids will live, their health, their longevity, and everything else that would greatly impact the happiness of the pawrents and their beloved furkid. Therefore we believe pet parents deserve to know and there's a need to know in detailed about a product you put in and on your pet.

Ingredients, consumers feedback, questions for product owners, these are our vetting process to make sure products are truly safe, non-toxic and comes with great health benefits. We DO NOT go near products that could be harmful or are misleading pet parents in any ways.

We focus on the quality, well-being, safety and health-improving components of all pet products, Food, Supplements, Leashes, Collars, Harness, or even Food Bowls to give your pets a SAFE, enriching and beneficial eating experience.

Every product recommended in our store aims to support and improve health, emotional and physical wellbeing, thus helping your pet to have better quality of life without compromise.

Look out for loads of information on our product pages, social media and pet parent resources which could help you to make better choices for your pet.

Our wishes.

We wish that more and more pet parents could become their pet's wellness hero & be a proactive leader who takes control of their pet's foundational health from within.

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