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BioStar empowers dog and horse owners with 100% authentic nutrition and supplements. We provide whole food, raw, dehydrated, wheat-free, soy-free, organic and non-GMO options for your animals. Our wide range of supplements, treats, and poultices made of real ingredients are formulated with the whole body in mind. We are passionate about the health of your animals as well as the planet and guarantee each of our products. If you need help, our canine and equine specialists can help you choose the right products for your animals.

Whole Food Supplements for Your Horse and Dog's Optimal Health. Your Horse and Dog Come First.

BioStar's Core Principles and Values...
  • Organic ingredients
  • GMO-free ingredients (no genetically modified organisms)
  • No petrochemical or coal tar byproducts
  • Wheat-free
  • High nutrient bioavailability from dehydrating and freeze-dry processing (not cooking or high-heat processing)
  • Products tested for efficacy and palatability before they're released
  • Emphasis on providing a customer service experience that places the customer's needs first.
BioStar is headquartered in Gordonsville, Virginia, certified with the Non-GMO Project, and boasts a production team and customer support staff that are second to none — BioStar chooses its employees as carefully as we choose our ingredients!

Our social mission is to operate in a way that actively recognizes and initiates innovations that improve the quality of life for horses and dogs.

Our product mission is to make, distribute, and sell the finest quality supplements for horses and dogs made from whole food and plants that are grown and harvested using organic, bio-dynamic, sustainable farming techniques that respect the earth and the environment.

Our economic mission is to operate on a sustainable financial basis for growth. This includes ongoing research and development, expansion of opportunities in the markets, financial rewards for employees and additional support to charities and philanthropic opportunities.

Biostar US

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