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Pet Parents Resources

In our love for animals, here at JJ E-Homez Holistic Pet - Pet Parents' Resources, we would always be dropping updates on things we feel we would love to share with other pet parents to aid you in making better and informed pet parent decisions; be it the experience of the incredible brands and products we have carefully sourced and stock, to the information we research, curate and come to share in our own personal journey as pawrents. Sharing is caring after all!

We hope that our little "Pet Parents' Resources" will be one pit stop that would make your journey as pet parents that much easier. The information out there on the world wide web is too vast for us to learn it all, yet our learning never ends because our furkid is a growing individual of its own. We look to engage you in your furbaby's growing journey by providing interesting, valuable, educational articles, videos, podcasts, courses and even consultations from all over the world from our brand creators, experts, researchers event pet enthusiasts and more. Knowledge is power. Our decisions as pet parents will determine our furbabies' lives, and ours consequently. Our objective and wish, is your pet's wellbeing and happiness, which we believe, would ultimately be your happiness.

What you see here at "Pet Parents' Resources", are recommendations that we believe in, or know for fact, having experienced it ourselves as pet parent; not to mention it certainly helps to know that you are not the only one stressing out over that problem! There is no right or wrong as every furkid is special, you can only try your best. One thing we know, is that every pet parent out there who loves their furkid as much as we do ours, will definitely want the best for their furkid.

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