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Augustine Approved Faith's Cleanse Detox | Pets Flea & Parasites Support | Holistic Healthcare for Dogs & Cats

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Product Summary

Originally Faith's Cleanse & Detox was a locally known herbal food dietary supplement that has been working wonders for almost 15 years, and now under license has been renamed to Faith's Cleanse & Detox, as a tribute to the newest addition to our family Faith the Boxer.

Faith’s Cleanse & Detox was developed and thoroughly tested using quantum physics principles over a period of three years. Our formula is backed by 30 years of experience with the use of herbs. Each ingredient was selected for its documented medicinal and nutritional values, and has its own unique frequency that has been tested to ensure it resonates with similar frequencies in the body. This allows us to use fewer herbs with better results.

There are many natural products on the market that may be effective in the things that Faith has a role in helping with. However, the Faith's Cleanse & Detox formula goes much deeper than selecting a variety of herbs that are known to have certain benefits. Each herb has been tested and selected for its own specific frequency that resonates with similar frequencies related to areas of the body. This allows the use of fewer herbs with better results.

Faith's Cleanse & Detox is packed under license from Coburg Health by Augustine Approved and distributed worldwide by Augustine Approved. Faith's Cleanse & Detox is the result of over 30 years' experience by a dedicated group of pet lovers (including a bioengineer and naturopath/herbalist) who wanted the best for pets.

Faith's Cleanse & Detox has a role in :

  • Healthy skin & coat
  • A healthy immune system
  • A healthy gut & normal gut function (including regulating candida and yeast balance)
  • Healthy kidney function
  • The cleansing of the kidneys & liver
  • The maintenance or improvement of general well-being

Bonus Faith also does has efficacy on :

  • Removing Parasites (All Worms)
  • Eliminating Viruses
  • Repelling Fleas

Faith's Cleanse & Detox comparing to other products in its field, does not contain pesticides or harmful chemicals. Synthetic copies of what is found in nature make poor substitutes and are often toxic.

The formulators of Faith's Cleanse & Detox share my view that you cannot outsmart nature without consequence so we strive to strengthen the immune system rather than attempt to alter it. Combining Faith's Cleanse & Detox with a healthy diet and regular exercise is key to supreme health.

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Product Video

Augustine Approved Shares about Parasites For Pets

When to use Faith and F-Off

Product Ingredients and Nutrional Breakdown



Good for sluggish liver, gallstones, herpes, ulcers and jaundice, it will lower fevers, inflammations and blood pressure, acts as intestinal strengthener and laxative.



Burdock is a powerhouse of antioxidants, including quercetin, luteolin and phenolic acids. Antioxidants help protect the cells from damage by free radicals, and help treat and prevent various health conditions. Not only does it aid in reducing inflammation, it also removes toxins from the blood, and increased blood circulation. Aside from purifying the blood, burdock helps inhibit certain cancer types by interfering in the cancer cell growth.

Burdock root has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties to help resolve skin issues when applied topically, even helping with topical burns.



Cascara is used as a gentle laxative for constipation, as well as a treatment for gallstones, liver ailments and cancer.



Cleavers are good for the skin, but also hold special treatment capabilities with respect to the lymphatic system and reducing fluid. Cleavers assist in increasing lymphatic flow throughout the body's tissues, while also treating swelling. When applied directly to the affected area, cleavers could be used to promote wound healing and alleviate inflammation. It could also be used as an astringent for the skin, treating a variety of skin conditions, including anti inflammatory relief for poisonous bites and insect stings.

Since cleavers could be used to reduce fluid retention and assist in the flushing of metabolic waste from the lymphatic system, it could aid in blood detoxification.



Dandelion provides vitamins A, B complex, C, D and K, iron, phosphorus, manganese and many other trace minerals. It also supports heart and kidney health in its function as a safe but powerful diuretic when conditions cause urine elimination due to body imbalances, even aiding in indigestion and flatulence.

Dandelion root is a safe and reliable liver tonic, allowing for the liver to better remove toxins and excesses from the bloody for elimination via the kidneys. It also helps to assimilate the needed nutrients. Pancreatic function is also strengthened and supported, which helps with the maintenance of diabetes. The fructose in dandelion helps to maintain blood sugar levels.


Dong Quai

Dong Quai is a herbal plant that contains compounds that reduce pain, open blood vessels, stimulate and relax muscles, and is commonly used to treat anemia. Used in combination with other plant extracts in Chinese traditional medicine, it could be an analgesic for rheumatism, or even an allergy suppressant. Dong quai and its chemical constituents possess antiasthmatic, antispasmodic, anti inflammatory, and anticoagulant properties, which could help with conditions like constipation, heart disease, high blood pressure, reduction of joint pain and ulcers.



The elderberry is a naturally occurring antioxidant with a high level of vitamin C, which is excellent for restoring and maintaining overall health and vitality. It supports respiratory health, reduces inflammation, helps fight off colds and flus, and lessens stress.



Fennel contains calcium, iron, potassium, vitamins A and C. These minerals and vitamins support bone, immune system and vision health and more. It also helps with bad breath, indigestion, bloat and gas. Fennel has been found to calm the spasms and relax the gastrointestinal tract, even supporting the relief of chronic digestive tract problems. The high level of antioxidants in fennel has been found to help fight cancer and help maintain the health of the cardiovascular system, while its anti inflammatory properties help with conditions like arthritis.



Gentian is considered a "bitter" tonic, that could help support liver and gall bladder function through bile production, and is used for digestive problems like appetite loss, bloating, diarrhea, and heartburn. It stimulates digestive juice flow like saliva and bile, which could help improve appetite. It could also be used for fever and prevention of muscle spasms, or used topically as an application for wounds and cancer.



Ginger contains many antioxidants that help with motion sickness, blood circulation, nausea, gastrointestinal problems and bloat. Its anti inflammatory properties also help with arthritis. 

Ginger contains gingerol and shogaol that give it its anti nausea effect. Not only do these compounds give ginger its taste, it also helps speed up the digestive process. Its anti inflammatory effect also helps soothe the digestive tract to reduce nausea. As a carminative herb, ginger helps prevent and expel gas from the digestive tract. By preventing bloat, which often progresses to gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV), a life threatening situation could be avoided as shock, from a lack of blood and oxygen, is avoided.

As a natural anti inflammatory, arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms could be reduced. It goes as far as to help prevent cancer, and act as an immune booster.

Ginger is also a holistic approach to prevent and remedy heartworm.


Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a power antioxidant that could help defend against disease causing free radical cells, and prevent the oxidation of healthy cells. The anti inflammatory properties of milk thistle could help reduce inflammation in the liver, preventing acute or chronic hepatitis, Cushing's disease, diabetes and pancreatitis. Silymarin is the part that has the beneficial properties, which is believed to inhibit the inflammatory pathways by acting as an antioxidant by scavenging the free radicals that damage cells, helps increase protein production by the liver and promote bile flow.



Support, particularly for recovery from illness, injury or trauma, without adding excess stress to the digestive, liver or kidney system. Due to its high iron intent, it is beneficial for anemia, and backs up as an energy booster by nourishing the body while balancing out the glands, liver and nervous system.

Nettle also has antibacterial, anti inflammatory, astringent and antihistamine properties. As a herbal antihistamine, it may help to alleviate allergic symptoms. It could help with nourishing the skin and coat by cleansing and stimulating the blood and clearing chronic skin ailments, while alleviating discomfort from skin conditions if used topically. Its anti inflammatory properties could help with infections.

Nettle also has a hemostatic property, making it suitable to be made into a poultice for bleeding.



Parsley is a source of flavonoids and antioxidants, especially luteolin, apigenin, folate, vitamin A, C and K. Aside from having beneficial effects on reducing "doggie breath" due to its high levels of chlorophyll that has antibacterial and deodorizing properties, parsley provides much support to the body in varying ways from its powerhouse of vitamins. Alongside vitamin C, vitamin A also helps to support the immune system, further promoting eye health and assists with organ function and reproduction. Vitamin K in parsley has anti inflammatory properties that help promote liver health and fluid movement, while also maintaining healthy blood clotting. The high dietary fibre content helps to promote healthy digestion, and acts as a diuretic to remove excess fluid from the body tissue to promote urinary and kidney health.


Pau D'Arco

Pau d'Arco is a dietary supplement made from the inner bark of several species of Tabebuia trees that grow in Central and South America. Also known as taheebo or lapacho, pau d’arco has long been used to treat a range of ailments. It is used primarily as a supplement to reduce inflammation and promote weight loss. Several compounds called naphthoquinones, mainly lapachol and beta-lapachone, are thought responsible for its purported benefit.

Pau d'Arco is thought to have antifungal properties through the inhibition of the processes that bacteria and fungi need to produce oxygen and energy. It also has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties by inhibiting the release of specific chemicals that trigger an inflammatory response. It also helps treat inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Pau d'arco also inhibits pancreatic lipase, the enzymes that helps the body digest and absorb dietary fat, aiding weight loss.


Red Beetroot

Red beetroot contains fibre, folate, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, vitamins A and C. These micronutrients boost the immune system, improve digestion and give a healthy coat and skin. The high fibre content not only heps regulate the intestinal activity, it helps improve digestion and increase needed nutrient absorption from food. It even contains prebiotics that improves the growth of the intestinal flora.

Macroelement minerals like magnesium, sodium and potassium aid in the coordination of different muscular, nervous system and neurological functions. The high content of folic acid, or otherwise known as vitamin b9, together with vitamin b12, help with red blood cell formation.

Vitamin A, which is rich in retinol or retinoic acid, is important for good vision, healthy skin and reproduction, while vitamin C is essential for healthy bones and teeth.


Red Clover

Red Clover is a nutrient rich herb that is high in vital minerals and vitamins such as calcium, potassium, niacin, thiamine and vitamin C to nourish the body. Red clover also contains high levels of carotene, vitamin E, and flavonoid quercetin that gives it anti-cancerous properties.

As a cleansing herb. its various detoxification effects aid with health in several ways. The diuretic effect helps to clear the organs and cells of toxins and salts that can lead to degenerative diseases. The anti-inflammatory effect of red clover works particularly well on the cardiovascular system by reducing tension in the arteries and blood vessels, helping them relax and widen to reduce blood pressure. Coumarins in red clover help to keep blood flow smooth and stimulate healthy circulation. LDL is also reduced, which effectively means the heart is protected from heart conditions that come about from atherosclerosis - the buildup of plaque inside the arteries. Red clover also acts as an expectorant, aiding lung health by clearing buildup. The vitamin C boosts the immune system, and stimulates white blood cell production. The high antioxidant content neutralizes the free radicals that cause cell damage and degenerative diseases; inhibiting the growth of new blood vessels to tumors. The active component, genistein, in red clover is believed to be responsible for reducing tumor growth, even shrinking them.


Red Rasberry

The red raspberry is very rich in antioxidants, and in fact contains one of the highest level of antioxidants of all commonly consumed fruits, alongside various minerals and vitamins, from vitamin b6 and c, to iron, magnesium, manganese and potassium, and fibre.

Raspberries have several benefits, they help reduce oxidative stress, blood sugar and insulin response, fight inflammation in the body, lower cholesterol levels, is great for the skin, protect from and fight cancer due to the ellagic acid it contains, and keep arteries healthy. Additionally, ellagic acid helps protect the liver and promote healthy liver function. The high dietary fibre in raspberries improve digestive function to promote weight loss.

The anti inflammatory function is also contributed by anthocyanins that help neutralize free radicals from damaging cells, decrease bacteria growth and prevent many other different infections. The anti inflammatory properties also promote joint health. Vitamin B6, pyridoxine, is integral in preventing anemia potentially. It also produces hormones, proteins and neurotransmitters to promote healthy body functions. Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is an antioxidant and nutrient that strengthens the immune system, and promotes cartilage and collagen synthesis while combating degenerative conditions.

Iron helps with healthy enzyme and blood function due to haemoglobin. Magnesium promotes protein production and bone growth, while also helping better absorption of other minerals and vitamins. Manganese aids in healthy ligament development, proper usage of carbohydrates and proteins, and the production of fatty acids and energy, and reproduction processes. It also keeps increases fat burning since it keeps the metabolic rate at a higher level. Potassium in raspberries help strengthen muscle development while regulating healthy blood vessel function and replacing lost electrolytes.



Rhubarb is mainly divided into two parts, the leaves that are toxic, and the stalks that are edible. Rhubarb stalks contain dietary fibre, vitamin C, potassium, manganese, and magnesium, of which its high dietary fibre content aids digestion.


Rose Hip

Rose hip refers to the fruit of the rose plant, also known as rose haw. Red or orange in color, it could also come in dark purple or black shades. It has medicinal properties, and helps prevent varying ailments, including osteoarthritis and stomach ailments. Rose hip has anti cancer properties due to its polyphenols, which could help reduce the growth and migration of cells.

Rose hip also has the ability to lower cholesterol levels, while its fatty acid GOPO helps reduce pain in the hips, joints, and knees. Part of its medicinal properties including lowering the blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels and aiding in diabetes management. Rose hips are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants that help protect the body against heart disease. Even the skin for the rose hip fruit is able to help with stomach pain and treat other digestive problems.



Sarsaparilla has strong antioxidants, along with anti cancer and anti inflammatory compounds. It contains saponins, plant sterols lilke sitosterol, stigmasterol and pollinastano, flavonoid antioxidants like astilbin, anti inflammatory phytochemicals like diosgenin, tigogenin and asperagenin, volatile oils and acids like caffeoylshikimic acid, shikimic acid, ferulic acid, sarsapic acid, kaempferol and guercetin, and trace minerals like aluminium, calcium, chromium, iron, magnesium and zinc.

Aside from having antiproliferative properties against cancer by inducing apoptosis, and having growth inhibitory effects without damaging healthy cells, sarsaparilla support liver health by promoting urine production and increasing perspiration. It also aids in relieving fluid retention, puffiness, swelling and stomach bloating. Detoxification happens through binding to "endotoxins" within the gastrointestinal tract, which are chemicals stored inside cells that are released into the bloodstream, and contribute to problems like liver disease, psoriasis, fevers and inflammatory processes. The antioxidants, acids and plant sterols also has hepatoprotective effects. Astilbin and smilagenin help protect liver cells and are useful in preventing liver disease, growth of cancer cells and other problems associated with toxicity. In reducing inflammation and improving liver function, hormone production is also regulated.

Sarsaparilla raises the immune function and kills bacteria through treating symptoms through mucolytic effects and/or inhibitory effects on cough reflexes. Mucus clearance is increased since sarsaparilla's antioxidants and anti inflammatory compounds break mucus bonds to allow for phlegm and bacterial to be passed out more easily. Thanks to its antifungal, antibacterial, and anti inflammatory effects, sarsaparilla naturally treats skin problems.


Yellow Dock

Yellow dock is a quick cleansing herb, that could help deal with conditions that result from toxic excesses, such as dermatitis. As it has a high iron content, it is sometimes used to treat anemia, though it should be avoided where intestinal bleeding or obstructions are present. While it is a first choice for skin problems, it is a blood cleanser that could be used internally or externally to ease dry, itchy skin to help clear chronic skin conditions, including ringworm. It could also be used to stimulate bile production, or as a laxative. Yellow dock has even been used as a treatment for ear mites and stinging nettle burns.



Wormwood is a hub used for various digestive problems. It contains numerous plant compounds, the most known being thujone. Thujone is thought to excite the brain by blocking gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter that has calming effects on the central nervous system. Though this compound may have several benefits, it is toxic in excess, and has been linked to seizures, even causing death.

Wormwood has long been sought for its pain relieving and anti inflammatory properties, aiding in conditions like osteoarthritis. Besides thujone, another compound that acts as an antioxidant is chamazulene. These antioxidants combat oxidative stress that may be associated with cancer, heart disease and other ailments. Artemisinin, another plant compound, may also help fight inflammation as artemisinin is thought to inhibit cytokines, proteins secreted by the immune system to promote inflammation.

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Product Usage Directions

The best ways to incorporate Faith's Cleanse & Detox into my dog or cat's diet - ALWAYS ADD RAW COCONUT OIL or water and mix well into food using a spoon. Please DO NOT sprinkle on top of food.

Faith's Cleanse & Detox can be fed together with Augustine's SuperBoost and Dynacol Zeolite. For fussy eaters, please commence with only Augustine's SuperBoost and Dynacol Zeolite, and then introduce Faith's Cleanse & Detox 2-3 days later. Please also consider the Fussy Eaters Guide on the Faith's Cleanse & Detox label.

Product FAQ

Q : Whose diet can Faith's Cleanse & Detox be added to?

A : Dogs & Cats. (healthy for people too - human version in capsules coming soon)

*4 piece measuring spoon set included.

Q : Is this product suitable for my dog or cat?

A : In a word - yes, however it is very important to be up front and explain that Faith is not for everyone. The first six months entails a Kick Start Cleanse which requires daily supplementation. If you consider it a hassle to add one more thing into your dog or cat’s diet then you may prefer to use a different product.

Some of you may also find that your dog or cat will not be interested in the taste of Faith's Cleanse & Detox to start with. Whilst many devour it even straight in its powder form, the fussy eaters may take time to develop a taste for it. Augustine, Faith and my ultra-fussy little Mishka now eat it mixed in their food but it did take some time for them to adjust. Augustine will now even chew on it in capsule form as if it's a delicacy.

In 30 years there has not been a single reported case of toxicity in any animal (including pregnant animals) using formulas from Coburg Health & Nutrition.

Q : Candida and yeast... will this help to restore healthy gut balance?

A : From my experiences Faith's Cleanse & Detox has been very successful in promoting a healthy gut balance, and in turn bringing candida and yeast into normal and healthy balance. I've reviewed many before and after analysis reports from our customers that show clear evidence of Candida being brought back to safe levels. We also have dozens of before and after photos in our files including those on this page and on the Healthy Skin Bundles page. Please note that it is important to provide a diet that does not support candida overgrowth - a diet of processed foods high in sugars and simple carbohydrates encourages Candida overgrowth as yeasts thrive on processed sugars.

Q : Can I eat this stuff too?

A : YES! The human label of Faith's Cleanse & Detox has been approved by the TGA for human consumption in capsule form. The human label is coming very soon and there is absolutely nothing wrong with consuming the canine & feline label of Faith's Cleanse & Detox. You can mix the recommended amounts below in half a glass of water and follow the same Healthy Life Progam shown above. Many people do not like the taste (including myself), hence why the human version will come in capsule form.

  • Children 10-17: 1/2tsp (1g) per day
  • Adults 18 and over: 1tsp (2g) per day

Q : OK I love what I've read but I think I'd rather Faith's Cleanse & Detox in capsule form for my cat, dog or myself. What can I do in the meantime until you bring out the capsule versions?

A : You can do what I did for a long time and purchase capsules and a filling machine. It's cheap and easy!

Capsule filling machine (when you get the hang of it you can make 100 capsules approx. every 5-7 minutes).
Vegie Capsules (to save time we recommend purchasing separated capsules instead of joined):

Q : Side effects vs detoxification

A : Faith's Cleanse & Detox contains ingredients that have a role in assissting the body to flush out harmful toxins usually through the urine. Those with a genetic pre-disposition or a weakened immune system (compromised liver and kidneys), may suffer discomfort because the toxins begin to instead come out through the skin (the weakest part of the body), and not the bladder. If you or an animal in your care shows signs of detoxifying through the skin please contact us for further advice or consult a holistically trained or holistically aware health professional. 


Q: Skin problems... help!

A : There are two main schools of thought on how to tackle this problem. One way is to mask the symptoms of the problem by suppressing toxins that are trying to come out. If a person uses drugs to suppress the symptoms they are doing just that - suppressing rather than addressing and once the drugs wear off the subject is back to square one (most times worse than how bad they were when they initially started because now they have more toxins in their system from the drugs).

The other is to help the body flush out all the toxins (and heavy metals) with the implementation of a healthy diet and the use of Faith. Eating clean may cause discomfort during the detoxification process.

I’ve personally witness many dogs get rid of major skin problems (and at the least make them manageable) using Augustine’s SuperBoost and Faith, whilst simultaneously using coconut oil and Augustine’s SuperBath to sooth the skin during the detoxification process.

For example, in January 2013 when summer really kicked in Augustine’s verified weather allergies would cause her to scratch her chin so bad she would bleed. I started her on Faith's Cleanse & Detox not long after. When January came around in 2014 when you expect things to get worse with time, Augustine still exhibited signs of weather allergies but she no longer scratched and made herself bleed – it was and still is completely tolerable for her. Here is a before and after photo taken one year apart...

Little Mishka the Maltese licked and chewed at her paws for over 12 years. Five months into using faith along with the Augustine’s SuperFood diet the madness ceased.

Augustine Approved Faith 05.jpg

Augustine Approved Faith 07.jpg

Augustine Approved Faith 08.jpg

Augustine Approved Faith 09.jpg

Augustine Approved Faith 10.jpg

If you or an animal in your care suffers from what appears to be allergies please contact us so we can further assist you.

Q : Why isn't Faith's Cleanse & Detox certified organic?

A : Faith's Cleanse & Detox contains herbs that are wild harvested and these fall outside organic certification guidelines. We have source certified organic ingredients and are now in the process of certifying Faith's Cleanse & Detox as organic.

Q : How long will a 260g jar of Faith's Cleanse & Detox last?

A : Faith's Cleanse & Detox works differently to other products in its field and as you've already read, it may assist with a lot more than just parasites.  After the initial six month Kick Start Cleanse, Faith's Cleanse & Detox becomes even more cost effective because the feeding amount is permanently reduced. The chart below illustrates how many grams of Faith's Cleanse & Detox your dog or cat will require during the first year and subsequent years.

*It costs less to feed puppies and kittens because in most instances the daily feeding amount is reduced to half. Depending on the age your puppy or kitten starts using Faith's Cleanse & Detox, the first annual amount required will vary.


Q : So what DOESN'T Augustine approve?

A : Additives, chemicals, colourings, dairy, fillers, flavourings, grains, gluten, irradiation, meat or meat by-products, MSG, palm oil, preservatives, salts, sweeteners, synthetics, and GMOs.


Do not take remedially. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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