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Stylish Hound General FAQ

Why the No-Pull way? How does your No-Pull Harness work?

It is an important skill to be able to lead your dog well. The No-Pull way encourages your dog to follow your lead in situation instead of getting distracted by their environment.

Our No-Pull Harness is designed with a front clip attachment positioned at your dog’s chest. The front clip attachment discourages dogs from pulling on the leash during walks. When your dog pulls, the harness directs them to turn towards you. Over time, they learn that pulling on the leash does not help them to move forward. Whereas a traditional harness with back position clips teaches dogs to pull harder, because they learn that it works, they are able to move you and go where they want.

Our No-Pull Harness makes walking with your dog an enjoyable, easy experience.

Please see a video demonstration of how the harness works:

Is leash pulling harmful to my dog?

Ordinary collars can put a lot of tension on a dog’s throat. Straining, pulling and yanking can potentially cause a lot of pressure and pain of your pup, especially if they’re a smaller breed.

Excessive pulling can also lead to unwanted behaviours. If your dog is eager to make a few new fluffy friends, but you yank them back when they go to say hello, they might associate it with an unpleasant or stressful experience, making them less social.

A harness made specifically to discourage pulling can help you gain more control on your walk and improve your pup’s leash skills.

Is No-Pull Harness safe to use for my dog?

Yes absolutely! Our No-Pull harnesses is comfortable for your dog. The strap is worn across the chest and around the body. The front attachment is proven and recommended by trainers and vets to discourage pulling in a safe manner.

How do I fit the harness on my dog?


Putting the harness on

  1. Introduce the harness to your dog. Pop it on the floor and let your dog have a sniff.  SH Tip: Give your dog a treat/affection when they show interest in the harness!
  2. Unclip the harness.
  3. Place the SHOULDER STRAP (B) Over your dog’s head. With the CHEST STRAP (C) resting horizontally on your dog’s chest. SH Tip: Encourage your dog to put their head between B and C by offering up a treat!

Fit the Front Chest Strap (C)

  1. The Chest Strap (C) fits horizontally across the chest. SH Tip: The strap should not droop down or be too close to your dog’s neck!
  2. Adjust the CHEST STRAP (C) to fit your dog across the chest.  SH Tip: ensure there is 1-2 finger space between the strap and your dog’s body.
  3. Ensure the TRIANGLE RING (D) sits above and behind your dog’s shoulder (refer to image).

Fit the Belly Strap (B) 

  1. Adjust the length of the belly strap to fit your dog’s girth.
  2. Check the harness has a snug fit around the body and in front of the chest. SH Tip: A snug fit is important! The shoulder, chest and belly straps combine to keep the harness in place and from rotating around.

Going for a walk! 

  1. Make sure your dog is comfortable in the harness first. SH Tip: Have your dog wear the harness around the house before tackling the great outdoors.
  2. Clip your leash to the CHEST STRAP (C) and take a stroll around your house. SH Tip: Make sure the CHEST STRAP (C) is positioned similar to the image.
  3. Allow your dog to walk slightly in front of you, when they do, stop and monitor their response. SH Tip: Repeat if necessary.
  4. Your dog will learn that when they pull, they do not move forward and therefore stop pulling.
  5. Enjoy walking with your dog!

Please see the link below for our short video on how to put on and fit your harness.

Do you have any No-Pull Harness training videos with a professional dog trainer?

Yes! Please see below link for our training series so you and your dog can get the most out of our No-Pull harness. Our training series with Kirsten Pup2Dog training are designed to fit into your daily schedule. Each video is bite-size, allowing you and your dog to train at a good and steady pace.

How do I work out what size to purchase for my dog, do you have a size chart calculator?

Harness size is determined by girth. To figure out your dog’s girth, place a measuring tape around their body, slightly behind their front legs. Refer to the image below for help.

See our sizing chart here:

Is the No-Pull Harness suitable for all dogs?

If your dog tends to pull, a No-Pull Harness is a great solution. If you are unsure or concerned, please seek professional advice for individual assessment when introducing or training your dog using the harness for the first time.

To ensure you get the most out of our No-Pull Harness, we have a short video series with an accredited professional dog trainer.  We recommend some training for your dog to get used to the harness.

Can my dog run in the No-Pull Harness?

Yes, but please be responsible. Our No-Pull Harness was created for making walks with your dog enjoyable and pull-free. We have tested the harness on various breeds/dog sizes whilst running to ensure our adjusters do not budge (for slipping) and the material is soft enough and chafe-free. Should you choose to run or jog with your dog, please be mindful of the possibility of chafing and discontinue use at the first sign of discomfort.

Can I use a retractable leash with your No-Pull Harness?

We do NOT recommend using our No-Pull Harness with a retractable leash as we do not wish to encourage your dog to walk ahead with additional leash length. The additional and changing lengths do not provide your dog with consistency whilst training with our No-Pull Harness.

Please see training videos with professional dog trainer:

How do I care for your harness, leash, collar, bowtie?

  • Please do not machine wash your harness, leash, collar, bowtie.
  • Use washing powder/liquid
  • Gently cold hand wash.
  • Lay flat to dry in shade.

What is the difference between the ORIGINAL and RUFF n' TUFF No-Pull Harness?

There are 2 key differences to our ORIGINAL and RUFF n’ TUFF styles:

  1. Our Original Harness has a front leash attachment that is fix and not a double martingale which makes this a gentle training tool for the No-Pull. There is also an additional padded handle for you when you need to quickly get a hold of your dog and an optional back clip attachment. This harness is suitable for dogs with sensitive trachea.
  2. The Ruff n’ Tuff Harness is designed with a double martingale function at the front to give you extra control for dogs who require additional control. when your dog pulls, the double martingale function tightens so the harness guides your dog back towards you. This harness does not have a handle. It also comes with an option back clip attachment and is designed to be clipped at the front, back or both. 

If your dog is suitable for both harnesses, it is up to you which design suits you and your dog more. If you need help, contact us at to discuss recommendations for your dog. 

Is the No-Pull Harness chewed-proof?

This harness is not chewed proof; none of our products are. If your pup gets too excited when they see our product, please contact our team to proceed for special consideration with our Chew Policy.

What happens if my dog chews your products? What is your Chew Policy?

Whilst our products are of high quality and durable, unfortunately, our products are not chew-proof. We understand it may be disappointing and frustrating when your dog gets their teeth into everything. So here at Stylish Hound, we have designed a Chew Policy to give you a little extra help when and if it does happen. If your dog gets a bit too excited when they saw our products, please contact us at for special consideration application of our Chew Policy.

We recommend watching our Training videos below. This will reduce and prevent chewing by first ensuring correct and comfortable fit and building a positive experience with our gear.

What if I find the harness rubs on my dog?

This is an indication of:

Fitting may not be correct : 

  • Please reach out to our customer service with 3 photos of your dog in the harness: Front, Side and Back
  • Note to customer service any information regarding fit that may be helpful
  • Email

Additional training required :

  • Your dog just needs a little extra training to understand and respond to the cues when harness is correcting. Dogs are so smart, they will pick it up with consistent training and we have some easy and simple training exercises
  • Check out our links below for training tips. For advanced personalized training assessment, reach out to your local dog trainer.

We will be releasing padded buddies soon to also ensure maximum comfort when training your dog with our harness.

Please ensure safety and comfort of your dog when wearing our harness by:

  • Check fit is correct when your dog is indoor and prior to taking your dog for a walk - carefully. Please take your time. Contact customer service if you need assistance. Our fit videos are below for your ease of reference.

  • Train and ease your dog into a front attachment harness. If your dog does not appear to be comfortable straight away, don’t be disheartened. Take your time to positively reinforce your dog when near, touching or wearing the harness (prior to going for a walk). Check our links below for tips with our dog trainer.

  • As part of our duty of care for all our customers and their dogs, we are happy to assist to check fit on your dog. Please ensure you contact customer service if you are unsure prior to taking your dog for a walk. This will ensure you qualify for an exchange and we can assist you to identify any potential issues.
  • Please take your time when you receive your harness and check the fit of the harness on your dog carefully indoors. As we are assisting virtually, please help us by:
  1. providing 3 clear photos of the harness on your dog: front, side and back.
  2. describe the issue you are experiencing.

Any issues that arise after an outdoor walk will not quality for exchange / returns.

It is the owner/customer’s responsibility to ensure that the fit is correct for the safety and wellbeing of your dog. We do not take responsibility if the harness is not fitted correct and/or cause injury to your dog.

We are always here to assist in anyway possible. Please be kind to our customer service team - it is a real person at the other end! We are here to help you and your dog in anyway possible. Thank you in advance.

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