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Green Juju FAQ

Freeze-Dried FAQs (Applicable for Singapore consumers)

How Do I Use the Freeze-Dried Whole Food Bites?

Our freeze-dried whole food bites replace up to 10% of the meal. Add equal parts warm liquid to bites and let sit for 30-45 minutes before serving with a meal to add moisture, or just crumble on top! A with any raw food, wash hands and utensils with hot soapy water after serving.

Fresh Green FAQs (Not applicable but can be used as reference for Singapore consumers)

Green Juju blends are sold frozen. They should be kept in the freezer until ready to use. Thaw in the fridge and use within 5-7 days after thawing. You can also portion into smaller containers or ice cube trays and refreeze.

Green Juju can be fed to enhance any type of diet including kibble, canned, dehydrated, freeze-dried, raw or home-cooked foods.

The below amounts are recommended for kibble-fed dogs. If you’re feeding a commercially prepared raw diet that already includes produce, reduce accordingly. And remember, some is better than none! It’s all about finding the right amount that works for you, your pup and your budget!

Tiny Dogs (under 10lbs) -  4 tsp per day

Small Dogs (10-25lbs) - 1/4 cup per day

Medium Dogs (25-50lbs) - 1/2 cup per day

Large Dogs (50-75lbs) - 3/4 cup per day

Extra Large Dogs (75lbs +) - 1 cup per day

Do You Have a Full Nutrient Panel?

Here is a mineral nutrient analysis. Please check with your veterinarian to determine if Green Juju is a good fit for your pup’s diet.

Is It Necessary to Feed the Full Recommended Amount?

The guidelines above are intended for dogs fed an exclusively dry diet. We recommend reducing the feeding amount accordingly if feeding a fresh food with vegetables already included. And remember, some is better than none! Make it work for you, your pup and your budget.

Can I Feed Green Juju Blends to My Cat?

While Green Juju was specifically formulated for dogs, there is nothing in it what would be harmful to cats. We believe cats generally do not need the same plant intake that dogs benefit from, but we have heard of many cats over the years who do well on Green Juju. We’re leaving it up to you! Our bison bone broth and freeze-dried whole food bites are a huge hit with cats!

Can I Add Green Juju to Raw Meat for a Complete and Balanced Diet?

Green Juju on its own will not complete a diet. You will likely need a calcium source if you’re not feeding bone and potentially other minerals. It is best to work with a holistic vet or nutrition specialist if you’re interested in formulating your own diet. Often, Green Juju will make up the veggie portion of an otherwise balanced diet.

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