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Dog Detox Summit

Our dogs are sicker than ever before, but why? Is it because of lifestyle, diet, or are they more prone to disease?

The truth is, even if you’re doing everything right regarding your dog’s health, you really can’t outrun chemical toxicity. From our dogs’ food, to the home environment and out in nature, no matter where you go these days harmful toxins can be found everywhere.

Since our dogs have more heightened senses and are closer to the ground they often take the biggest hit when it comes to toxicity consumption and poisoning. The sad thing is that it is rarely talked about and most pet owners are never educated about the significant health challenges that come with the consumption of toxins.

Once toxins are ingested, the GI tract is first in sight then the rest of the body begins to suffer. Common signs of toxin damage in your dog may include elevated liver enzymes, vomiting, muscle tremors, panting, seizures, hyperactivity, weakness, increased heart rate, anorexia, increased thirst and urination, liver failure, hemorrhage, and even death.

That’s why it’s critical to get informed about the most common toxins that could be affecting your dog and then the exact strategy you need to ensure you can raise your dog in a safe, toxin-free environment. Fortunately, Dr. Odette Suter, one of the world’s most renowned veterinarians, has brought together the world’s leading experts to share how to reduce these toxicity levels and ensure your dog is healthy well into their later years.

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The World-Class Veterinarians & Dog Detox Experts You'll Be Learning From With The Dog Detox Summit Premium Pass

Day 1: Fundamentals of Detoxification and Health

Dr. Holly Ganz Chief Science Officer

The Importance Of The Microbiome

Dr. Dee Blanco Holistic Veterinarian

Detox Pathways and Steps

Dr. Angelique Barbara Doctor of Chiropractic

Lymphdrainage for Dogs with a focus on Kinesiology Taping

Dr. PJ Broadfoot Veterinarian

Homotoxicology, Rejuvenation and Thymus

Dr. Margo Roman Holistic and Integrative Veterinarian

Medical Ozone and Microbiome Restorative Therapy

Dr. Gary Richter Integrative Veterinarian

Medical Cannabis for Pets

Day 2: Toxic Exposures - Where Toxins Come From

Zach Bush, MD Multi-disciplinary Physician and International Educator

The Turning Point for Our Pets & Humanity

Dr. Katie B Kangas Holistic Veterinarian

Dental Health and Detox

Dr. Jean Dodds Veterinarian

Vaccine Related Issues Today & Tomorrow

Dr. Ava Frick Veterinarian

Finding Toxins in Hair

Chelsea Kent Pet Nutritionist

What’s in Food and How Processing Affects It

Day 3: How to Support the Body in Detoxification

Dr. Katie Woodley Holistic Veterinarian

Essential Oils & Safe Pet Detox

Dr. Odette Suter Holistic Veterinarian

"Water - A New Paradigm"

Dr. Peter Dobias Holistic Veterinarian

The Role of Minerals and Vitamins in Detox

Dr. Ihor Basko Holistic Veterinarian

Fasting and Detoxification

Jason Donas Owner/CEO Venjenz & VenjenzK9

Pet Detox Using Binders

Day 4: Cleaning up Energetic Toxins

Dr. Barrie Sands Integrative Functional Medicine Veterinarian

Energetic - Biofield Detoxing

Dr. Susan O Wagner Integrative Veterinary Neurologist and Energy Educator

Coming Into Balance: The Ultimate Detox

Miranda Alcott Animal/Human Communications Counselor

Emotional Detoxing for your Animals

Caroline Ingraham Animal self-medication: Author and lecturer

How to Find "Safety" in Trusting our Animals

Dr. Patricia Jordan Naturopathic Veterinarian

Invisible Harm: Synthetic Man-made Electromagnetic Radiation

Day 5: Prevention and Planetary Cleansing

Dr. Judy Morgan Integrative Veterinarian

Isoxazoline Based Products

Dr. Todd Cooney Homeopathic Veterinarian

How Homoeopathy Supports Detox

Dr. Kendra Pope Veterinary Oncologist and Integrative Medicine Practitioner

Toxins and Cancer

Dr. Adrienne Godschalx Soil Scientist/Ecologist

The Wonders and Power of Soil Ecology

Steve Farrar Mycologist and Medicinal Mushroom Grower

Mushrooms and Detox

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