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The Smallbatch Story

Just who is smallbatch? We are a small, family owned company founded in 2005 in San Francisco, CA. Inspired by the wonderful local and sustainable sources around us, we set out to make a different kind of raw pet food.

We Care About Your Pet

All of our ingredients are carefully selected to meet the standards we feel every pet deserves: organic herbs and vegetables, hormone and antibiotic free meats, and only pure honest supplements such as organic kelp and bee pollen.

Smallbatch Family

Why should you have to worry about what’s in your pet’s bowl? Let us do all the thinking and making for you. Here’s to the longest ball fetch, softest puppy lick, and healthiest, happiest life.

From our family to yours, thank you for trying our product.

Smallbatch Sourcing + Principles

When you think smallbatch, think ingredients first.

Some products claims to be "100% Natural" or "All Natural". How true is it? Simply check on their product's ingredients list and you will find out it includes synthetic ingredients. E.g iron proteninate, sodium selenite etc... Ingredient list does not lie!

Then check out our smallbatch ingredient list and you will realise how "PAWSOME" we are!

What NEVER goes into a batch:

  • Mechanically deboned meat
  • Ingredients from chia
  • Factory farmed meat
  • Synthetic vitamins or minerals.

Smallbatch Pets

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