Recommended #16Jun20

Recommended #16Jun20

After the wrinkle balm, we look into this Skin Soother balm. While wrinkle balm is for face, we also got another which is the Skin Soother for his body. With stronger formula from the skin soother, it helps to clear his body hotspots faster.

And if you do not know, frenchie plays pretty rough at times and could get into random mini cuts especially when playing outdoors. Luckily we have skin soother as Wangcai's first-aid kit, it helps to heal minor cuts and abrasions from time to time.

Also we do use skin soother to apply his whole body on random times to keep his skin moisturized so he wont get dry skin from our continuous air-conditioning envrionment.

Does your dog has dry skin? or having random skin irritations? Natural Dog Company Skin Soother is able to help. It heals & treats the following :

  • Wounds, cuts, scrapes, burns
  • Hot spots & allergy symptoms
  • Dog Acne
  • Rash & skin irritations
  • Interdigital cysts
  • Prevents & treats bacterial infections
  • And more!

Get your Natural Dog Company Skin Soother from JJ E-Homez today!

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